World Travel Tips

Tips for Traveling or TourThe world is a wonderful place–more welcoming than you probably think it is if all you do is watch the news at home. If you are open to people, they will invite you into their homes and hearts.Traveling around the world is a wonderful thing if we can do it. We can see many things in the world. We can see different culture, living way, attractions, food, and shopping market. It is a very valuable experience.Some destinations are renowned for its history; some boast picturesque landscapes; some are endowed with very colorful ethnic features; and some are economically prosperous.People always ask for tips on how we do it, so we will try to answer some of the questions that come up to help with your trip planning:• Where to go? How to choose?• Do you need a tour? Would you prefer to be independent?• Can custom tour planning be affordable?• What to pack? (We really think it should be one carry-on each!)• Need packing tips to deal with today is security alerts?• What about safety and health? Do I need shots?• What are the people like?• What is a visa? Do I need one?• What about that foreign money? And the language?Travel tips for us:1. Country. We first choose which country we want.2. Attractions, food, and shopping. After chosen country, we search about attractions, market place, and food in that country.3. Tour Program. Search about tour program in that country.4. Hotel or Hostel. Search about hotel or hostel suitable our budget.5. Flight ticket. Booking our flight ticket round trip.6. Passport. Apply a passport.7. Visa. Apply a visa.8. Medicine and clothes.9. Camera or handy cam. Take a picture for keepsake.

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