Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Today’s Market

If you want to sell your property, you might want to consider hiring an agent. The same is true when you want to purchase a property. Agents are well equipped with huge information about the real estate business, and they are the ones that you can truly rely on with this kind of matter.

However, there are some people who prefer not to seek the help of an agent mainly because they do not want to incur any expenses and that they don’t want them to have a slice of their profit in case a sale is made. This may be applicable to old-timers, but is advisable to those who are new to the real estate world.

When looking for an experienced agent, you must have an idea where to look for one. It is not a good idea to hire an agent that you first bump into. You have to choose from several agents and pick out the one that will exceed your expectations.

You may also ask for referrals, which is one of the most effective ways of finding a good real estate agent. Ask people who have successfully sold or bought properties through an agent. Once you have shortlisted names, try to research on the background of each agent, which includes his achievements, his work ethics and also his past deals. Get in touch with all of them in order for you to determine the best guy for the job. The way they talk you can also be the basis of your decision.

One of the best venues where you can locate realtors is in open houses. You will be able to meet a lot of them in such events and this is a great opportunity for you to find out who among them stands out. During an open house, make sure that you observe their behaviours and their relationship with other agents and buyers.

You can also look for real estate agents in advertisements, whether in your local newspapers or over the Internet. Good real estate agents usually have many commitments. If you see a name appearing in advertisements very often, then, he might already be the one you’re looking for.

If you want some help in selling your home or in buying a property, you can always depend on real estate agents provided that they are good or have enough experience. With the presence of a good real estate agent, you are sure to dispose your home or buy one at the most agreeable price.

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Fitness Tips for Women in Their 30′s – Significant Things You Should Be Aware Of

The thirties are a peak time for any woman. It is the age when they are busy with their careers and have ascended to a higher step in the promotional ladder. At this time, they are already in the thick of domestic family life as they juggle their work obligations with raising school age children and playing the role of wives to their husbands. In most cases, the responsibilities women in their thirties face often leave them with precious little time for themselves, much more for exercise.

However, exercises for women in their thirties are a must if they want to avoid the shock that greets them when they turn forty and realize that the flab that has already accumulated stubbornly refuses to go away. What women in their thirties must realize is that a strong and fit body at this point in their lives plays a great role as to whether they will age gracefully or not. When a woman does not observe a regular workout program at this time, her metabolism will eventually slow down, her bone and muscle mass will decrease and fat build up will become inevitable. This becomes potentially problematic as all sorts of problems creep up when all these start happening.

Aside from carefully watching her diet, exercises for women in their thirties should involve those that develop her core muscles and develop her overall muscular strength. Thus, abdominal, back and pelvic muscle exercises for women in their thirties serve to increase strength and improve function in these areas. Sit ups, crunches, push ups, planks and pull ups as well as jogging and cycling serve to strengthen the core so that day-to-day activities such as lifting or walking are done efficiently and with reduced risk of injury. Stability ball workouts also accomplish this same goal. For those who can afford it and have the time for it, enrolling in a regular Pilates or Yoga class is a great way to strengthen the core.

Resistance training is another exercise for women in their thirties that shed excess fat and forms lean muscles. When you observe a regular strength training regimen at least two times a week, you work towards shaping your body and maintaining that shape even as you age. High intensity interval training or HIIT is also a very effective regimen for those who want to fit an exercise program into their busy schedules. With HIIT, you alternate periods of high intensity workouts, such as sprints, with short periods of rest, such as jogs or walks in the short space of 15 minutes. To do sprint interval training, run for one full minute at high intensity and jog for 30 seconds and alternate your exercises this way until the 15 minutes are up. This exercise does not take up much time and is highly-effective in burning excess fat.

So when you’re already in your thirties, don’t let your hectic schedule prevent you from squeezing even just 15 minutes of exercise each day. Stay fit and toned in your thirties. Observe a regular workout schedule.

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Seven Killer LinkedIn Marketing Tips For The Newbie

So you have a brand new LinkedIn account, and want to get started communicating with other professionals in your niche. In this article, I will provide you with 7 killer LinkedIn Marketing tips you can use immediately to set up your profile, make a name for yourself, increase your opportunities, and dominate your market on LinkedIn!


It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out on LinkedIn, or you have been around the block for years, make sure you go through each step and complete your profile at least to the standards of LinkedIn by:

• Adding your picture (make it a clean and professional please.
• Add a compelling summary
• Give and receive a few recommendations
• Update your current and past work experiences (this will be a HUGE factor in a future tip)
• Add your Hobbies
• Add your Interests
• And so on…

Completing your profile makes you seem more consistent in your actions.

*Note: These principles will make or break your entire LinkedIn experience.


One of the first things people look at when they see your profile is your headline, so it’s important that you make sure you tell the viewer two things:

1. Who You Serve

2. How You Serve Them

This quicker you can get to giving people exactly what they need in the least amount of time, the more results you will receive. Here is a good example for your reference that I use in all my social media sites profiles:

“I Help Entrepreneurs Save Time, Energy, and Money by Providing a Cost Effective Web Strategy and Online Marketing Plan”

Just be brief and to the point. The more specific you can be, the more of a targeted audience that will reach out to connect with you and ask you to help them (meaning pay you!). It’s pretty amazing how YOUR profile can be the first result for words like “advertising” “sales coach” “social media” “product developer” and so on.


Your LinkedIn summary is the part that tells YOUR story (i.e. your skill set, what you have to offer, how people can work with you, etc.)

If you really want to see results using LinkedIn, make sure you put some energy into playing to your highest potential.

This is what I want you to do when it comes to completing your summary:
• Start with your intro paragraph stating who you are, your passions and your goals. This doesn’t have to be long, but get people interested in you as an individual (remember, we do business with those we feel weKnow, Like, and Trust).
• Create a new paragraph and tell people exactly who you help.
• Create a new paragraph and tell people exactly how you help them.
• Create a new paragraph and tell people how to contact you.

Remember to keep it simple, personal (yes personal, this is not a resume… it is a SOCIAL networking site so make it social!).

If you do this you will be achieving your goals in no time my friend!


It bugs me when people do not customize their website links on LinkedIn. Why? Because if just doesn’t look right and you are not giving yourself the best chance to achieve your goals.

When you first create a profile it will read something like this:

  • My Website
  • My Website
  • My Company
  • Make sure you change it to read something more like this:
  • Learn about my projects
  • Follow My Tweets
  • Get Free Articles

Having more of a “Call to Action” will drive more people to your websites, and ultimately drive traffic and bring you quality leads for your business.

To customize your websites just click on “edit” next to “your website”, then on the drop down tab click on “other” and add what you want it to read.


Sometimes the biggest opportunities I receive are from people I don’t even know, but who have heard about me from someone else. Has this ever happened to you?

It happens to me all of the time on LinkedIn. Random people contact me and ask me what my bank account detail is so they can send me money for my services. Would you like to receive random emails like that? If you said “YES” then read on.

Here is what I want you to do:

1. Import all of your contacts into LinkedIn:

Import from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and gather up all of your excel spread sheets and add them to your personal network on LinkedIn.

2. Send a mass personalized message:

This message lets them know you are updating your LinkedIn profile and that you would love to connect with them. By increasing your 1st degree connections you are actually expanding your 2nd and 3rd degree network… i.e. bringing you more opportunities for people who don’t know you, to pay you MONEY! Therefore, add your current contacts to your LinkedIn profile, and start enjoying when people contact you out of thin air and help you build your business.


I already know you understand this, but when someone you trust recommends someone to you, you are more than likely to believe that person has a lot of value because you respect the person vouching for them isn’t it? This is true with getting recommendations on LinkedIn. The more recommendations you have, the more valuable and sought after you become because of all the trusted professionals who have vouched for you. How do you get lots of recommendations? You do this by giving a lot of quality recommendations to those that you can vouch for upfront, without asking for anything in return. By doing so, a majority of those people you wrote the recommendation for will feel it necessary to give you one in return. Just make sure that you don’t recommend any stranger, and provide them for individuals you know, like, and trust. You will see that the more recommendations you give, the more you will receive and this will only help bring in more business and achieve your professional goals.


Do you know what it feels like to be on a team? You know… where you receive support from teammates, and follow the vision of the leader to achieve a common goal? It can be a powerful feeling being on a team, and there can be a huge benefit to you because of it. The LinkedIn groups section is sort of like being on a team. Just like facebook groups, there is a vision for each group, various members, job postings, news listings, a section to discuss ideas, and a leader who runs it all. The best part about being a member of groups is that you can contact each member for free, without having to know their email address. However, without being in the group with them, you would have to upgrade to a paid profile to contact them. And paying more to network with people isn’t fun, so I wouldn’t recommend it. So you actually save yourself money by simply joining groups.
But what about the leader of the groups…what is the benefit for them to own the group?

Well… I own a few groups. I can message these individuals once a week, I can send them links to my WEBSITE, provide valuable content which makes me look like a thought leader, or tell them about my company and services. The possibilities are simply endless!

So what are you waiting for? Visit and connect with other professionals using the methods I just outlined for you!

To Your LinkedIn Marketing Success!

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