Finding The Best Student Discount Airfare

Students are always looking for discounted airfare because they are mostly tight on budget. This is the reason that student discounted airfare is so popular and useful. You can get these tickets directly from the airlines or you can also get them from some travel sites which specialize in student travel.

Student Universe is one such site where you can get discounted airfare. You need to enter your details and your identification proof is also essential. Buyers are supposed to enter the details (especially the email-addresses) of their college or school so that their identities can be verified. Students get big discounts after the verification process is over.

You can also try sites like Travel Cuts or STA. you can make online as well as offline bookings through these sites. As a student you need to have the International Student Identity Card to use the services of this site.

Orbitz is another site where you can get student discounted airfares. You can also get good deals for domestic airfare on this site. You can find a good deal where you will end up saving a lot. Airlines sites also put up tickets at discounted rates. You can buy tickets from them and they will cost you the same as the student discounted rates would.

A student must always make vacations plan well in advance. This way one will be able to buy the tickets at cheap rates. Almost all the airlines offer great discount offers if you make the bookings early. Be a little flexible with your schedule so that you can get the cheapest airfare. Take the flights on weekdays as weekend flights will cost you much more.

There are some special offers also. You can get to know about these special offers from the airlines websites. You may get great discount offers that are actually much better than the ones offered regularly. However you should be careful before going for the offer. Read the fine prints carefully to make sure that there are no restrictions and hidden charges. You need to act fast because such offers disappear very quickly.

One last tip to offer is trying to get connecting flights. These always end up being much cheaper than the direct flight. This allows the sites to use the cheapest airlines throughout each step of your trip, instead of using the cheapest airline and only one airport. This is perfect especially if you are taking an extended flight as you will need to take a break anyway!

All this is possible only when you plan your trip well in advance. It is difficult for a student to get discounted rates at the last moment.

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