5 Signs You Need to Find Another Printing Company

As printing technology advances, costs for equipment drop intensifying the competition among printing companies, and making it harder for customers to choose the right company to meet their needs. Today, nearly anyone can buy a few printers and a computer, set it up in their garage, and start advertising themselves as a full-service online printer. If you have recently had bad experiences with your printing company, you do not have to settle for less than the best. Here are five signs you need to find another printing company.Slow Turnaround TimesAs printing companies receive orders, it takes very careful scheduling to make sure that orders are completed on time and without errors. Printing takes careful consideration of many factors, such as the time it takes equipment to warm up, and bottlenecks in production. This is an often complicated process, that someone without a high degree of operations management experience will be able to navigate. An experienced printer knows how to manage workloads and prevent delays to make sure that your order is printed and shipped with accuracy and timeliness.Indifferent Customer ServiceHow many times have you placed a call to your printer, or any service provider, only to be met with a disdainful, incompetent customer service rep who provides you with no clear information? Or worse yet, how many times have you been placed on hold for excessive period of time, or had to navigate through several automated voice menus only to hang up in frustration? Quality customer service exists in the printing industry, and it is worth looking for it.Quality IssuesInaccuracies in printing can be one of the most frustrating things for small business owners. When your printing company delivers sub-par work, it reflects their lack of a quality control system, and in general a lack of care for their quality of work. A good printer checks every order by hand to ensure quality before it is delivered to the customer. A good printer will communicate effectively and ensure that he understands your wants and needs well before printing begins in order to prevent errors.Aggressive Up-sellingMany of the larger printing companies have aggressive sales strategies that can be at best annoying to business owners, and at worst a waste of company resources. If you frequently get sales calls from your printers, you need to find a new one. A good printer will only attempt to sell you products that you actually need. If after hearing the benefits of extra services, you are not persuaded, a good printer will gladly provide you with what you request without trying to further convince you.No Service GuaranteesGood printing companies are always willing to offer a 100% guarantee on their services. Should you receive inaccurate printings, they will be glad to refund you the cost of the printing, or offer a free, immediate reprint. When shopping for a printer, always look for a guarantee. If the company does not offer one, keep looking. If you have noticed any of these five signs, you may want to look for a new printer. Many quality, experienced companies are more than willing to help you accomplish your goals for both local and online orders.

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