Who is My Shopping Genie?

Have you ever wished that you could have numerous options to buy anything at the lowest price all the time? While the question is not “who” but “what” is My Shopping Genie. My Shopping Genie is “an innovative online shopping App that instantly finds the best deals and lowest prices on millions of products.”
What is this My Shopping Genie?

The program My Shopping Genie is owned by a company called MyNet Universe, they are currently moving into their third year of existence. While this may not mean much to you, this means a ton to the savvy business owner. See after the third year of any business, the startup costs normally have kept any business in the red. This mean MyNet has weathered the worst of the recession and has great people at the wheel controlling their expenses and customer service. Any company moving into the black frees up more funds to enhance their abilities to serve their clients and make technological upgrades. As they make these upgrades they attract more individuals building their business at a phenomenal pace.

How does it Work?

My Shopping Genie is an App you download to your computer that once installed automatically works for you on the major search engines. Once you type in something like car stereos in a search box in Google the My Shopping Genie box will load at the bottom of the page. It will say the names of Amazon, Costco, Wal-Mart, eBay, Buy.com, and also gives you a few extra options. You then select business one at time and then go back, or you can click on the Genie. If you click on the “deals” link, it will take you to all deals and coupons based on your search. You are also given an opportunity to see free offers, free trials, and many other discounts. You also can look at items in your local area; the options are auto populated by Ask.com. Another really cool feature is when you click on businesses it jumps into Google Maps. On Google Maps it shows you information like the name of the company, address, phone number, and reviews made by patrons. Then on the right there is the map of you area and where these companies are located. Then you can see if they are within driving distance.

Why Would Anyone Want This?

As my wife says, “Why wouldn’t someone want this?” I have what I feel is a very good answer, time and money! The same reason really anything happens in this world nowadays. If you don’t have My Shopping Genie your online shopping process might go something like this. Try typing in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill in Google. First you’ll see Amazon.com and many more options down below and you’ll have to search and filter though each site. You’ll have to remember or write down the site and the price so you can get the best price, and if you need to buy it locally you’ll need to click on Maps. You just wasted lots of time! With My Shopping Genie it does all the work for you! It finds the lowest price on the most shopped business and compares them all. So as you can see it saves you time and money; something that all of us would like more of.

How My Story Begins

While I do have a home based business, I am always looking for more ways to have more time with family and make more money. I was approached by a friend with this information was told it was based around shopping, well really that’s all I heard. Seems I had the wrong set of “filters” on and automatically disregarded the opportunity until two days later. I was approached by another friend in whom she really got my investigative mind working. I decided that since it involved shopping, who best to investigate with me than my wife. She looks at things differently than I do and we know most women love to shop. We also currently live in the “Show Me” state, so we like to see how things work. First, we downloaded the free version. Then we started searching, hitting links, and playing with our new program. Much to our surprise it worked really well! Well enough that she said she could easily tell her friends, family, and coworkers about My Shopping Genie. She feels that people shop online anyways. My Shopping Genie saves you time and money. Saves them more time and money to do more shopping I guess, but we won’t tell my wife I said that.

What’s This Do for an Entrepreneur?

Just like everyone else you are saving time and money on purchases you make online. As a distributor of this prodigious program you obtain affiliate commission from hundreds of top online retailers every time someone buys something. You can also “brand” you’re My Shopping Genie on the left hand side of the genie bar. You can add a link, tag, or something that once clicked on can go anywhere you chose. Many car dealers, business owners, and others have invested in this because with “branding” your genie you now are on page one of the major search engines every time. This is powerful stuff! The opportunities are endless with My Shopping Genie! Also as a distributor you are going to find people want to join this phenomenal opportunity and you then get commissions as they join. You also have the opportunity to obtain commissions as people just click through the websites.

What Am I Telling You?

I’m telling you in my opinion this is a revolutionary program that save you time and money while you shop online. Shopping online is something we are all doing today and will continue. The following stats below show some countries and their current Internet users.

• United Kingdom, 48 million
• United States, 227 million
• China, 360 million
• France, 42 million
• Germany, 55 million
• Italy, 29 million
• Spain, 28 million

This is your chance to be part of a cutting edge opportunity, don’t wait a few years. In a few years, you will be listening to your spouse saying “I told you so!”

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